Throughout April and May this year we ran a survey with the goal of finding out which way creative professionals lean, politically speaking. Here are the results of that survey.


Not everybody’s interpretation of “left” and “right” in political terms is equal. Therefore, we asked survey responders to useĀ and report back with the results given. This helped to ensure consistency in the survey results.

Other questions such as role (i.e. web designer) and level (i.e. senior), and gender, were self-describing.

We promoted the survey to a US and UK audience, targeting people working in creative professions (though anybody could respond). We used Facebook to target people interested in design, web design, programming, typography and writing, amongst other such related categories. We did not target anybody based on political leaning, and the age range was 18-65+.

Key findings

81 people responded to the survey.

  • The highest response was libertarian left, at 68%
  • The lowest response was authoritarian left, at just under 9%
  • Authoritarian and libertarian right were almost equally split at 11% to 12% respectively
  • 33% reported they were “mid-level” in their profession, followed closely by student, senior and junior respectively
  • 65% responders were male, 27% female with 5% identifying as non-binary. One responder preferred not to disclose their gender and another reported as MtF trans.


  • 87% of those identifying as female were left-leaning. Within that, 99% reported as libertarian left, and 1% reported as authoritarian left
  • 67% of those reporting to be authoritarian right were male
  • All responders identifying as non-binary were student or junior, but displayed a mixed response to political leaning (no clear trend due to insufficient data)
  • 80% of responders were libertarian with 20% authoritarian


Our goal was to find out if creative professionals were generally left-leaning. The data, though a limited set, shows significant evidence that most people working in the creative industries are indeed left-leaning, and that within that by far the most (80%) value personal liberty and freedom, over state authority and tradition.

If you wish to use or re-publish these results, feel free to do so, but please link back to this article to credit the original source.

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