Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia, has unveiled a new project designed at tackling the recent proliferation of fake news that became apparent during various elections in 2016.

The new project, Wikitribune, is looking for supporters. “The news is broken”, says Wales, “but we’ve figured out how to fix it”.

The ambitious project aims to introduce a communal aspect to news reporting, pulling in a number of volunteers from different backgrounds to add credence to a story. This, the creators feel, will help reduce bias by integrating a more holistic and improved editorial process.

In most news sites, the community tends to hang at the bottom of articles in comments that serve little purpose. We believe the community can play a more important role in news. Wikitribune puts community at the top, literally. – Wikitribune

The idea of community-edited content is not new; indeed Wikipedia has been doing this all along. But Wikitribune, with its focus on news, has the potential to take this idea en masse. There are few specific details available as yet but theoretically the project could deliver a huge blow to lower quality news outlets, and may even kill off fake news sites entirely, should it emerge as a dominant force. It may even hold the potential to change not only how we consume news, but what our expectations of quality come to be.

This is a fantastic and optimistic move by Wales. To support Wikitribune you can donate here.

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